The Acorn

What did the acorn say to the tree when it let the acorn fall?

Answer: absolutely nothing because it is an acorn.


One of my favorite analogies concerning the relationship between us and The Creator is the acorn and the tree. Here’s all the background information you need to know: acorn=us ; tree=God. So, get this:


An acorn is produced by a giant tree. One day, as the rain came down hard and the wind shook the branches of the tree violently and the acorn began to fall. There was no “WOE IS ME WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING I CAN’T SEE WHERE I’M FALLING WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN?!?!” There wasn’t a single word breathed by that acorn. Am I saying it didn’t freak out at all? Nope. But I am saying that it didn’t question the tree about why it was let go. It didn’t complain things were happening too fast. It didn’t complain that it was comfortable before but not nowImage.


Here’s the kicker: the acorn had no clue what was gonna happen, either.

You see, not only does the fallen acorn provide life to small and large animals alike, but it provides seeds so that new plants and trees can grow. Yes, that was plural. All of these life-giving things can happen because the acorn knew what the tree needed it to do and it fell.


When it fell, it didn’t fight the falling.


Now that the analogy is there, here’s what’s going on for me.


Backstory: I am at Texas A&M University because the Lord very clearly and specifically brought me here. I grew up in Austin always wanting to go to UT. The Lord had other plans and I learned to be okay with it because of the peace I had been given.


Now-story: My old pastor told me one time, “Sometimes all you will have is your calling.” And I’m at that point in school. In life? Not so much. I love my job, my girlfriend is absolutely incredible, my roommate is a stud and I love my friends more than I thought possible. All of those things are great, but I didn’t come to College Station for those things; I can get those in better, more enjoyable cities than here. 


The truth is that I don’t know why I am here. I have absolutely NO IDEA why the Lord is so adamant that I be here. But hey, sometimes all you have is your calling. You don’t always get to peek behind the curtain, I guess.


This girl reminded me last night on her balcony that I’m the acorn, not the tree. 


My tree hasn’t failed me yet and I don’t expect Him to drop me somewhere unnecessarily anytime soon.




Food for Thought:

Are you holding on to your tiny little stem when the tree is trying to drop you somewhere to give life to something or someone?


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