Childlike Faith

Children are something else.

For the past couple of months, I have been trying to figure out what it means to have a childlike faith while being fed solid spiritual food and not spiritual milk. It has been quite the adventure; I have done some ridiculous external actions to try and figure it out (drink chocolate milk while reading The Word, watching Veggietales, etc.). The last couple of weeks though, ABBA has taught me differently.

My summer job for 2013 is being a Camp Director at a day camp for kids. Needless to say, I severely underestimated how exhaustive they are. And it isn’t even that they are bad (sometimes), I can’t explain it. As I was telling this to one of my closest friends, they told me, “You are getting to experience firsthand what God goes through with us every single day.” Well, my mind was blown. I had overlooked that simple truth.

Today, there was a young boy who did the opposite of what I said no matter how many times I told him or how loud my voice was when I told him. It wasn’t until a few hours later that I realized, “Holy crap. I literally do this on a daily basis with things much more important than playing with toys that aren’t ours.” I was given a handful more of patience to tide me over for the rest of the day.

The last couple of weeks; however, there has been this young boy that has taught me what it means to be a kid. He is so sweet and he doesn’t have an angle with it. The questions he asks, as ridiculous as they seem to me, are legitimate and he really wants to know the answer to them. He needs some redirection sometimes, but I never EVER have to tell him more than twice to do anything (and most of the time he will do it without complaining or arguing). This is the kind of faith that I want. I want to be able to trust my Dad when He tells me something isn’t a good idea. More importantly, I want to be obedient without complaining or arguing.

The question shouldn’t be “are you chasing after a childlike faith,” it should be a how question.

Food for thought:
How are you chasing after childlike faith?



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